Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slowly in the Right Direction

Not a huge amount of progress on the bathroom, but at least my heart didn't sink at the end of the last couple of work days. Except for the fact that it was supposed to be done by now.

They painted the ceiling and most of the walls (there's still a little work to do around the wall tiles - of which they ordered way too few - which remain incomplete).
The floor has been grouted and I'm in love.

The finished sample at the tile shop used very pale grout to garish effect, so I wanted to be sure that there wasn't horrible contrast between the tiles and the grout, and that the contractors didn't use the same pale grout as for the wall tiles, and I'm very pleased with my choice (Delorean Gray. Reminds me of Back to the Future - wasn't the car a Delorean?)

I'm clearly going to have to do something with that grungy old floor register with the chipped white paint. I have some perfectly nice hammered pewter spray paint that will work.
 I'm amused (and slightly concerned) at the extractor fan vents which are full of terracotta-coloured tile dust from cutting the wall tiles.
Speaking of hammered pewter spray paint, I decided that I didn't like that colour on the table and lamp I made for my daughter's room (in which I'm sleeping for the duration of the bathroom redo) so I'm changing them to a sort of medium bronze which I like much better.
And (excuse the awful picture) I finally finished the velveteen coat (note the beaded buttons) with coordinating (the coat has a rear kick pleat) skirt. I wish I'd bought more fabric because I'm not nuts about the length of the coat and I wish the white cat who gets offended if you try to brush her didn't think it was a perfect bed and I wish I'd seen the collar on Connie's coat two weeks ago (although I think perhaps she only bought it a week ago) but otherwise I'm happy with it.

The original pattern had narrower sleeves, side seam pockets and a shawl collar (the green coat I made last winter was made from the same pattern, unaltered except for the length and missing kick pleat which I actually like better) and I much prefer the sleeve and pocket alterations on this one, but the jury is still out on the collar.

Or perhaps I'll spend some time making shirts. I seem to be a bit short on shirts.

I probably have fabric in the stash for another version.

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