Sunday, December 21, 2014

And Also

The register cover I bought for the new bathroom floor was too short (I have oddly long registers and the only style/colour that the big box hardware stores have is matte brown or perhaps white) so I spray-painted the old one. Bad picture, but it's a hammered dark silver or pewter or nickel or something.
 And the ceiling exhaust cover which was a dingy cream received the same treatment. Do you know how hard it is to spray paint something on the ceiling which doesn't really want to snap off completely (it felt as though there were wires involved) and not get paint on the ceiling and also manage excellent even coverage? Well I don't know because I wasn't able to achieve perfect and perfectly eve paint coverage but I think it'll do anyway.
 My daughter's cat had surgery and looks less than plush with the shaved bit on her leg for the IV. Like a cheap poodle imitation.
And then I made a class sample.

I'd always intended to put a marble or beaded bead inside the other one I made, but I forgot in time to actually do it. Ditto the head pin on which to suspend it.

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