Monday, December 8, 2014

Better But

So as not to be one of those people who ignores things that go right in favour of complaining bitterly about things that don't, let me just say that I'm super-psyched about my new floor.

Ungrouted, and not safe to walk on, but it's every bit as awesome as I'd hoped, and will be fabulous with the wall tiles..
The red? Dunno. Perhaps it's some sort of waterproofing agent. I do like the smear on the wall above the shower though.
 And this is my bedroom, completely uninhabitable, though they kindly threw a drop-cloth over my bedding. Which needed laundering before they arrived, but it's the thought, right?
 So on to the bitching and moaning.

When I originally met with the contractor, I was fairly insistent about built-in shelves in the shower for shampoo and whatnot. Little curved corner shelves like in my other bathroom. Super convenient.

Then we talked about a recessed shelf which would be tiled with the floor tiles (I wish) which had to be scrapped because of the exterior wall and no studs between which to recess the shelf. There was something vague (from them) about reconsidering the shelf situation.

I loves me some google when it's quiet at work or I need to quiet my head, which led me to the conclusion that the best (in terms of what I find aesthetically pleasing) solution would be built-in corner shelves of beveled glass, and (foolishly) waited for them to get back to me with suggestions or questions regarding the built-in shelf situation.

Which they did not.

They called me today to ask for more money, and I asked about shelves. They sounded confused and suggested something very ugly. I countered with "Hey! Glass shelves!" and they said "Uhhh we can't, we don't know" and so I said "Fine. I'll pay the next-day shipping charge, only it's too late for next day for real because you contacted me three minutes before I had to click the Next Day Please button and now we can't get them until the day after" and they graciously said "OK thanks. Please mark the spots where you want the shelves to go so we can tile the wall and leave space for the shelves" and then a bunch of excuses about well we couldn't put the recessed shelf in so what did you expect us to do it's not our fault.

I think you know the answer. (Hint: be proactive).


I'll get my glass shelves in the end.
So this is the thing I was making over the weekend that I'm not loving. Yes, it looks awesome if you slide your eyes past quickly, but if you stop and look at the mess of beads facing you, you can see that they don't FIT and are pushing their neighbours away so they form a wave which is just not very useful.
Still, it's better than the one I made before that which was all kinds of wonky and just too plain which is why I added all those other beads.

Next time. I'll get it right next time.

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