Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lazy Day

My mother got the grands to pose for a group photo.
The little girls decorated with flowers. They especially wanted us to note the "love heart" on the bottom centre right.
I had bought my nieces a so-called "Friendship Bracelet" kit which was actually a set of cardboard looms and perle cotton to be used to make sixteen-strand Kumihimo braids. The older niece was going gangbusters once she got started, but the surprise was that my younger nephew was fascinated so I ended up giving him my spare foam loom. He's like I was in that he likes making things - the older nephew skateboards, by way of comparison.
The tile guy (from near Dubrovnik of all places) did some more work on the pool. Apparently he's been complaining bitterly that the tiles ought to have been Italian, but even my sister-in-law, generally a strong proponent of all things Brand Name and/or Designer, balked at the extra twenty grand it would have added to the construction costs.
For tiles which are to be UNDERWATER, after all.
I made ricotta and made that into gnudi with roast fennel and tomatoes which we ate with Moreton Bay Bugs for dinner. Yummers!
I do not quite yet have another finished beaded Kumihimo necklace, but soon.

Today: Sydney!


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