Friday, December 27, 2013

Fitzroy Falls and the Illawara Fly Treetop Walk

Apparently my family is best at taking the longest time ever to get going anywhere. To be fair, there was a bit of disaster bring with regards to the pool my brother is having built: the builder is in hospital with gangrene and may lose a leg, so construction is sorta kinda in limbo.
Wandering around the garden I kept seeing lorikeets.
Eventually we got the cars loaded up and went to the Fitzroy Falls. There's not a whole lot of water, but the hiking trail has plenty of lookouts with spectacular views.

We had a scare in which we lost (and found, fortunately) a niece.

Someone kindly offered to take a group photo. My baby is the tall one.

The vegetation was cool along the trails.
There were streams we could see across the valley that looked perfect for swimming, if completely inaccessible.
People stopped and chatted.
There was tree-hugging accompanied by skepticism. "It just feels woody!"
Half an hour later we were at the Illawara Fly Treetop Walk which is insanely cool. You're above the canopy of the rainforest and can see clear to the ocean.

A tree underneath one of the walkways had clouds of bees (sadly not visible in the picture below) coming in and out of its hollow core.

Not everyone looked at the view all the time, even when the walkways were swaying.

Yes, we climbed this. Yes, the views were stupendous.

The trees up-close were gorgeous and weird too.

See? The Pacific.

And we could see the Fitzroy Falls area too.

The way these walkways were constructed was genius, if a little scary.
And when we got back I was able to photograph two necklaces finished.
Not much progress on the pool except for some waterline tiles.


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