Sunday, December 22, 2013


This is the same stringing pattern as the slightly twisting copper necklace with lentils from a couple of days ago, but I used button flowers and very small leaves instead.

I started it last night, did all the braiding before going to bed (later than usual; I'm attempting to make small adjustments in my sleep cycle in preparation for travel to  far time zones) and finished the clasp this morning. It was all quite fast actually.
I really enjoyed putting it all together, and paid close attention to tension, so the rope is lovely and round (at the ends; the leafy and floral section is sort of flattened) and even, and perhaps in some way I needed to make something evoking life and growth and sunshine and new beginnings because of the new end.

In spite of my attraction to things floral and my enjoyment in their construction, I don't think I'd ever wear it, pretty though it is.

I think it might be like one of Denny's grief shawls: you have to make it, and then let it go.

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