Monday, March 22, 2010

One Down

I always get annoyed at the pretentiousness of sellers (for example on Etsy) who have a "FooBar Collection" or a "FooBar Series", but I probably shouldn't be quite so up in arms about the whole thing, as this is the third variation of this construct which has struck me as fresh.
Perhaps I need to get out of the basement to appreciate the concept of "fresh".

(The other two variants are my Donut Bail and a previous class I taught in which a herringbone rope morphed into these little shapes and then morphed back into a rope).

This is a bit different, as these are components which are linked together to form a nicely fluid chain. It takes me somewhere around forty minutes to make a single link, which is why the above is a picture of a bracelet, but I think it would make an excellent necklace, and have some fun with colour design on the surface, not to mention varying the size dramatically.

Still, third in the, ugh, collection.

One class sample down, seven (approximately) to do in the next six weeks or so. Should be a breeze, she said, anticipating the last week in which there's barely time for work or sleep, what with all the beading that'll have to be done.

Right now though, feeling pretty confident.

It occurred to me that this chain (which I taught in January), a slightly odd combination of two different techniques/stitches, is a good accompaniment for my Flat Russian bracelets (though it seems I have no kits right now in my shop, just instructions), which was I think the first or second kit I ever sold, and so it being time to kit up the necklaces, samples are called for.

The bracelets use the same fire-polished beads, but also use plain round beads, pearls and cube beads the same size, which means that in theory I could offer kits with any of the four accent beads as the sticky-outy spiral bead in the necklace, but that's a lot of kits (I make up multiples), and the pricing gets funky. Using pearls instead of fire-polished beads adds somewhere in the $10-$20 to the price of the kits, and the problem is that there's no dye lot, let alone colour number for pearls, which means that every time I buy more pearls, they're probably a little different than the last lot, and so probably don't match the bracelet exactly, though on the other hand, who's going to be walking around with their wrist up at their throat all day long? Who'd even notice?

I'm just weak for pearls, which is why I'm itching to make this with pearls.

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