Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Have One Word


And then I have a short sentence: My eldest turned seventeen last year.

And an explanation: No more Exemption.

And a reaction: Dammit.


kim said...

Please 'splain the no more exemption comment. Doesn't make sense. My eldest is 17 also and I still claim him.

Charlene said...

Turbo Tax told me. It said that because she turned 17, I was no longer eligible to claim that $1K exemption. Not loving this.

kim said...

Turbo Tax is wrong. I just checked the IRS code. You can claim them up to 19 (or up to 24 if they are a full time student), permanent address is yours, and they do not provide more than 1/2 of their own support. If you've already filed, I would contact Turbo Tax (hopefully there's an update) and file an amended return. Do it soon so you get the extra tax abatement that is supposed to begin being mailed sometime in May or June, cause she's worth another $300 in that one.

(Sorry I didn't respond sooner - been down with pneumonia and no brain cells functioning.)