Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Ears Have It

I'm so done with earring samples and instructions:

Still spinning, and here's the latest of the blended SOAR fibers. This one is very soft, I think the white is angora and/or optim, the brown is probably cashmere, and the rest I'm unable to identify; however I know that I blend primarily by Yum Factor, and secondarily by colour.

It's really quite yummy.

I've been plugging away at the Architectural Rib sweater, and while I was watching Donny Darko with my fifteen-year-old, I joined the sides and really should try it on to see if my supposed improvements did actually improve the fit. Or not. If not, then I'm pretty much stumped in terms of making this work. And by "stumped" I mean "can't work up the energy to do it a third time", so it had better fit. Tomorrow. I'm tired.

OK, seeing I've been doing movie recommendations, I have a book recommendation for those who like books on the literary science fiction side. The author is China Mielville (with an accent over the first "e", only I couldn't be bothered to look up how to do that, because I want to get into bed and read more) and the name of the book is "Un Lun Dun" which I wanted to pronounce as if they were French words, but they're not. Un Lun Dun is what he called the abcity for London - by which you should infer that it's somewhere between science fiction and fantasy, but not the elves and magicians on an quest type of fantasy, which I can't abide. His books have weird science, and are a richly-woven, highly-textured tapestry of the senses. He's a literary analogue to Tim Burton, managing to mix the arcane with the contemporary in a manner that is both strange and believable. 

This one is a little different than his previous books, a bit lighter, but I'm enjoying his silly humour. Some things in the abcity of UnLondon exist in "prolog form" in actual London, such as old European currencies, bus conductors and broken umbrellas, which in UnLondon, become unbrellas. The guy in charge of the unbrellas is Mr Brokkenbroll, the "head honcho of the Parraplooey Cassay tribe. The Unbrellissimo. The boss of the broken umbrellas".

And YAY! I made my first Etsy sale!

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