Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Until the Next Time

This evening's class made a version of this:
I tried this variation once before with a very long narrow crystal pendant, which I thought was rather elegant, but I'm partial to the aquamarine too.

And then I slipped and fell into The Cute again.
I needed a shop sample for classes and I couldn't find all the others I'd made. I wanted to see if copper-plated charlottes would work instead of Japanese 15ºs.
Yup. And look: you can see the thread I didn't trim all that short but just left inside.

I finished my mitred cardigan, and am wearing it as we speak.

For odds and ends, it turned out really well.

The yarns were small amounts (only an ounce or two) that I'd bought, samples spun in classes at SOAR, generous SOAR goodie bag samples carded together and spun; that sort of thing. I chose blues and greens as well as multicoloured everythings, and overdyed a couple of Oh No You Di'nt skeins too.

In spite of a construction faux pas (I didn't account for the front overlap correctly), it fits well enough, doesn't slide backwards or off the shoulders (I see a plethora of patterns for sweaters in heavy yarns with necklines that are too wide that I know will require constant readjustment in the wearing. Not a success in my book!) and is soft and warm but not too warm for work where they really should save money and energy by lowering the temperature a few degrees, so I'm counting it as pretty successful.

Even though I was a little sick of it towards the end, it's unsuccessful enough that a somewhat different approach using similar techniques (garter stitch, mitres, multiple yarns) is appealing. I think I'll go purple next time, but first I have to finish a mitten (my daughter lost one; luckily I have tons of that yarn and I trust her remorse enough to knit it again) and a hat (she'll be in Geneva and needs to be stylish, warm and funky - you know the hat won't be ordinary!)

Onward ho, I guess.

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