Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apropos of Nothing

I didn't finish much; or more precisely, I didn't photograph much.
There was a pendant which is supposed to have matching earrings, but I'm not feeling all that compulsive so I may not bother, much as this opalescent glass thrills me. I have the stuff, that's the thing after all.

This was going to be a set like the aquamarine one from last week, only slightly shorter.

Sometimes when I'm teaching and intoning "Repeat Step 20 until you can count five pairs of A beads", I often want to interrupt myself because after all, five was just a number chosen randomly (I stitched until I thought of something else or got bored or found it pleasing to my eye), not for any specific design concept or principle of proportions or anything like that.

So I decided to make a shorter one of those and see how I liked it.

Well enough.

I made a mitten and darned in the ends and sewed on the buttons (it's a flip-top jobbie) - only one, because only one was lost and needed replacement, not that I'm generally much of a fan of rewarding carelessness on someone else's part with additional effort on mine (like the time the ex-boyfriend wiped snow off his car with his hands while wearing the handspun hand-dyed camel down cabled gloves I'd made him, disappearing two or three fingertips. Of the gloves. He didn't actually even last a full year beyond that), but offspring have special strings they can pull so that you don't even resent it, not really anyway, just enough to tell the world you don't, but not enough to be actually annoyed.

I started two other necklaces, samples for class proposals for a bead show I'm planning on applying for. One has a respectable amount of work done (trust me on this please, even though it's not immortalized and verified by the wonder of digital photography), but the other is awful. Hate the colour scheme I started with, hate the colour scheme I switched to, and also the one after that.

I put it underneath something opaque.

Discouraged, I had to indulge in something frothy.

An entire necklace which took me a little more than an episode of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me", and by "a little more" I have no idea how many minutes (or hours even) that translates to, just that it's more.

Work has been a little frustrating these past few weeks. I'm glad there are only four days until the next weekend; three would be considerably better though the sleeping kitten on my lap makes the prospect a little less unappealing.

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Laurie said...

I am very amused by the boyfriend story. It was his time.