Friday, December 23, 2011

Born to Eat Bonbons

When I have a day off work it feels like my true vocation: to recline on a velvet chaise longue and have a cabana boy place the finest Belgian truffles in my mouth whenever I need them.

Not that days off are ever actually like that, but in my self-indulgent use (or misuse) of my time, that's what it's akin to. Sort of.

It's how I feel when noodling around with beads just because I'm inspired.

First came this, which I didn't finish (it's due for the scissors actually) because it's not quite right.
The next I like much better, especially because I found a use for the beads in the corners, the ones with glitter and windows. I like the corner pointiness of the pink one better though.

This one also has some extra embellishment that ended up on the back. It's not actually hurting anything, but it is a little silly.

So I had to make another.
Instead of the glitter window beads, I used cathedral beads, just to see if I could. They're a slightly large 8mm, and they needed extra stuff (seed beads around them) which had the added bonus of making the whole thing a bit firmer.

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Laurie said...

Happy holidays! I'd lend you my cabana boy, but he quit for lack of work. *sigh*