Monday, December 26, 2011

Head Space

I'm looking at the final half day of a four-day weekend and even though I didn't (yet) sew my daughter's robe, I'm happy with the places my head took me.
I redid the first of the big square pendants which I think I'm calling Nellio, a bastardisation of the word "square" in Finnish. It's easy to say and it's kinda funny-sounding, which reminds me to not take what I do too seriously, as I do it because I enjoy it, because it's fun. I'm not Making Art or a political statement or bringing beauty to the world or anything like that; I'm merely pleasing myself by scratching an itch.

It's really that simple and that personal.

I was surfing and saw some brilliant chains beaded from right angle weave links, which inspired me to make these.
Yeah, not so inspiring, are they? Ugly even. Their lack of gorgeousness forced me to make these beaded beads (the link thing just didn't work out. There are other ways to join them into a necklace or bracelet):
which make a sweet pair of earrings:
or a sweet little pendant.

Dolce, n'est pas? (Sorry, I'm feeling all multilingual).

I don't care as much for the colour-way of the pendant; what I like about the earring colour-way is that the centre groups of four bright gold beads really pop, because all the other colours in each beaded bead are about as dark as each other and are closely related in terms of temperature.

I celebrated December 25th in the traditional way of my tribe: by eating Chinese food and seeing a movie (not a very good one unfortunately).


Laurie said...

Woulda loved to join you in the traditional pasttimes of Xmas, but alas, I worked so the others could have it off.

Charlene said...

That would have ben a blast!

Some years ago before my brother did the married with kids thing, he used to do locums only. One year he went to Kazakstan over Christmas, and found himself the only doctor with lots of nurses, which turned out to be very enjoyable. All-in-all he ended up going to some fabulous locations this way: Moscow, Antarctica (twice), Papua New Guinea to name a few. I suspect he misses the travel.