Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I don't do this very often, but every now and again I come across something that's just so perfect that I have to spread the joy.

I was skeptical about Bucky Balls, almost embarrassed to be giving a toy to a grown man, but man, this was the Best Present EVER! I rock. (Actually, John rocks for the suggestion).

My brother (for whom it was intended) loves it, as do his sons (11 and 8), my nieces (3 and 5), my son and my other brothers. And me. The sisters-in-law and my mother are less charmed, although Eva got more interested when Larry made bracelets and a choker.

The most hilarity was the faux body piercings, which apparently hurt after a while; the magnets are that strong. They faked earrings in various placements (lobe hurts more than higher on the ear), cheek, tongue and lip piercings (both Monroes as well as snake-bites). The faux septum piercing was less successful, as the BuckyBalls really wanted to travel upwards, making extraction a little panicky for a moment or two. Faux eyebrow and bridge piercings were entirely unsuccessful.

We're continually losing (and then finding again) single little balls, at which point nephews and nieces get very stern talkings-to, and everyone looks under things and examines metal things to which they are often stuck (last night it was the clothes drying rack).

When I get home I'm buying a case of these, as it seems there's almost no one who doesn't want them.

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