Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ugly and Useless

Seriously. There's just no point in doing anything else because even though yes I do have hexagonal tiling with twin beads down pat, this thing is huge and floppy and anything I do to it only makes it bigger and uglier and I guess if I needed a small doily or a coaster (but then I'd need at least half a dozen and I'm not sure I could stomach that but you never know) there's really little point in paying any more attention except perhaps with scissors.
I need to reconsider how I spend my time.

It all started with this.
 Those funky mushroom-shaped button beads.

wasn't quite sure it was either attractive or repeatable (sometimes there's a sweet spot when certain finishes of certain colours of certain beads collide, and any time you try to duplicate it, the minute variations in size and shape of other colours and finishes make it impossible. I hate it when that happens), and the voices in my head couldn't reach consensus on the attractive part, so I decided to work on the repeatable part, and got here.
 Attractive was fast losing ground, but I wondered about the bits of this without the mushrooms, and the  hideous coaster above is what happened while I wan't paying enough attention.

So I finished up the sample I started for last Tuesday's class.
 Made a couple more of these.
 And another one of these in colours quite unlike me which I actually really like.
I should spend more time outside because the temperatures have gone from "Are You Kidding Me, Humans Can't Survive Out Here" to Absolutely Gorgeous. Really, it's quite a pleasure.

Favourite comment heard recently: You can never have too much foam.

I could give you the context which doesn't diminish the quirk factor for me, but I think it's funnier out of context.

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