Thursday, September 22, 2011

Less Dull

Nah, still in panic mode vis à vis Saturday's show, kinda.
More kits packed.

More administrivia done, more to go.

I must report that I have discovered the secret to dealing with too much to do in too little time, or at least the attendant panic. Actually, it's also the secret to not feeling the crushing weight of the years and the loss of the thoughtlessness of youth too: do something fun on a school night to forget it all, at least for a few hours.

I went to a concert, even though I was concerned that I could ill afford the time away from lists and kits and posters and price tags. I'm so glad I did; it was exactly the right thing.


Today I'm way behind on my to-do list.

On the way home I was so wired (and so deaf) that I think I blew the speakers in my car, because I needed extreme stereo volume to drown out the reality of my tuneless (and very loud) singing along.

Eh, who cares, I had fun!


Joann Loos said...

Yes! Erasure!!! I saw Def Leppard and Heart in concert two weeks ago. Live music is definitely worth it :D

Unknown said...

it is very nice,congratulation

Unknown said...

it is very nice,gratulation