Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Although any housekeeping can be onerous, the housekeeping to which I'm referring hasn't been that bad. I've been finishing and updating and trying to shorten to beading to-do list.

I added a colourway for one of my Puget Sound classes. (It's getting close!)
I finally figured out how to close this thing (it's a bracelet where honestly I'd have preferred a necklace, but time, essence, yadda, yadda).
I decided that a chunky add-on to a chunky chain just wasn't working, so I put this heart on a chain, and I really like it much better this way.
I made mini Panspora earrings!

The beaded beads themselves use smaller beads. Because the little fringe beads have different proportions to the Czech drop beads, the minis just look bumpy rather than having that alien organic look, but I bet if I used clear or colour-lined fringe beads, they'd be better.

I'll have to put that on my to-do list.


Unknown said...

I so wish I wasn't all the way across the country. I love what you have put together!

Charlene said...

Weeelllll ... if there's a bead store in your area that is interested in engaging an out-of-town instructor for a weekend of classes, I'd be more than happy to consider making a teaching trip out East!

Unknown said...

LOL You are such a tease! I will be taking a class at local shop and I will definatly ask them to concider it (ok I'll beg) It will be my first offical lession so wish me luck!