Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Little Obsession

I guess small things are the perfect obsession-traps, because turnaround time is so conducive to multiple iterations.

It's when you have to stitch the matching chain that your mind may wander to new ideas. "May wander" - I still have a couple more bead combinations to try, even after these that I've already made.
The pendant above uses round beads in the small four-bead clusters, while the one below uses top-drilled pearls.
No, it's not finished; it doesn't have a proper hangy-thing. Bail. The pearls are a bit irregular, but as long as the tension is firm enough, they seem to do fine. I have more pearls, both in smaller as well as larger sizes, which I guess means more beaded beads.

The set below is mine, mine, mine.

I used faceted drop beads for the largest base beads, and seed beads where I used fringe beads and drop beads (or smallish round beads) in the pendants above. I haven't seen beads like these before or since; I'm guessing that they're Czech, but I don't know for certain, and a cursory on-line search has not been helpful.
They're not like the classic teardrop beads in that the shape isn't really tapered, but grossly oval, or perhaps a rounded cylinder-shape. The business end (with the hole) is smooth, while the other end has facets forming a wide point.

Even though they look quite different, they're the same basic structure (barring overlay bead counts) as the two above.

I wish there was still more weekend ahead. No matter how much I get, I want still more. Greedy that way.

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