Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Things

The best things about the new job I start today in a little under two hours?

  1. Two days off between the last one and this one.
  2. Two floating holidays per calendar year which I feel I am obliged to use within the next two weeks. Aren't I?
I've been puttering.

I'm knitting a sweater that started with the neckband in mitred squares, then the sleeves are worked outwards to the cuffs, and then the body will be knitted down from the yoke. I've done plenty of fake sleeve caps (you short-row where the sleeve caps should be, and it makes the fake join less bulky around the underarms), but even though this is practically at sock gauge and therefore snail's pace and you'd think it would be impossible to gallop ahead, I was past the place where fake sleeve cap shaping ought to occur, and so I convinced myself that it wouldn't really matter, and forged on ahead and finished a sleeve with its mitred square cuff.

The sleeve shaping was off (too wide, though my personal fashion maven said it wasn't) and as far as I could tell, it was all bunchy at the underarm and the shoulder pulled which caused the neckline to want to slide off my shoulders, though that effect may have been exaggerated by the lack of opposing force that should have been the body (as yet unknitted), but still, my blithe unconcern for fake sleeve cap shaping was very founded, and so I ripped that sleeve and the partial (a few inches) second sleeve and started again.

With sleeve cap shaping.

There is no photographic record of this fiasco.

Some of my putter has been photographed.
I'm making excellent progress on Nancy's Necklace.
Some of my putter has been, well, less successful.
I had this fabulous idea that involved airiness and silver and sparkle and it ended up ugly. This is the partially cut up disgust.

There's also been acquisition, in spite of the fact that I DON'T NEED MORE STUFF.
But seriously, who can resist?

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