Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A First

The first real job I had here in the US started in August 1989, and although there were baby gifts when I had my kids, and although there have been the odd all-employee giftlets of candy or dime store holiday mugs, I've never had a co-worker give me not just one of the cookie-cutter gifts being distributed (I suppose that happens somewhere I've not been), but a thoughtful gift, one he gave because he thought I'd like it.

And just when I was all down on how so few people seem to reach out ever.

I'm more touched than I can explain to him.

I don't think he has any sort of ulterior motive, as I'm technically old enough to be his parent, and while Harold and Maude among its many excellent qualities really took the notion of May-December relationships to their extreme, I don't even remotely consider that this was a case of life attempting to imitate art.

Just a gift, pure and simple. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to.

A rare gem, and just when humanity was looking a little less attractive, and the life of a hermit a little more attractive.

Thanks, Micah. I needed that. The thought, the intent, the action - not necessarily the contents of your prettily wrapped package.

So inspired, I made progress on Janel's necklace.

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Lynn said...

People can be so lovely so remarkably often, at just the right time.