Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colour Conundrum

Seriously, sometimes I'm just not that bright.

Even though there is a kit for which I used to have a sample which I sold and therefore ought to replace, and even though I don't have all the ingredients for a second kit, apparently it was more important to make a prototype for the second design, telling myself it was so that I could get the instructions done, even though half of the beads are FREAKIN' WHITE! Which as you may recall, I can't photograph in any informative way.
Still, I have a necklace which I suppose I can sell, and which was a learning experience: the little droplets along the bottom edge create so much curve that the necklace could not be sized up without an unpleasant ruffle (it's perfectly fine at 16"), so the actual instructions will have the picots that my original necklace had.

After completing this, I realized that even though the rivolis are in the mail, I do in fact have the beads for an actual colourway, and so I might as well make the necklace part for an actual useable sample.

Usually I'm pretty good with colours, and after picking out my set, I rarely change my mind, but somehow this time, I haven't quite been able to settle.

It's kinda fun changing colours every few repeats to see what I like.

I started at the left - and so sure I was that I have baggies packed with blue, purple and green beads in the correct quantities. I guess that's another thing I learned from prototype #2 above: quantities of each colour.

Only thing is, I hate it. The rivoli is what's called Crystal AB, and to me it has flashes of ultra-violet, aqua, and perhaps rose or perhaps green or perhaps even gold, but it's pale, and I'm having a hard time balancing the colour grouping within the necklace to coordinate both hue and value with the rivoli.

My natural inclination is to pick a set of colours with very similar [i.e. in my case dark] values, but the rivoli is light, and the beads I've chosen to bezel it are pale too, so I'm flailing in semi-foreign waters and keep on having to spit out the salt.

I think I've settled on the rightmost combo: original purple flowers, original metallic lime green centres, and instead of blue vines, silvery, and instead of green leaves, aqua.


I'm still not utterly delighted though.

I should have worked on the earth tones sample, just to soothe myself because I know I'll easily fall into those colours.

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