Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Work on the House

Really, my hands needed a rest plus I had instructions that needed doing.
 One sample for Tuesday's class.

Then I decided to start another shoelace for my niece Charlie but this time I was going to be awesomely creative and make a band with the letter "C" all the way down it.
 Errm well it didn't exactly work out except in a couple of places, which is just as well as I was convinced I'd have even more trouble with the "R" for her sister Ruby.
 So I swizzled some cards around and came u with this which was almost pretty on the back except too wide for shoelaces and then I got distracted and so I cut it off in the name of practicality. What was I going to do with a non-reversible narrow band with a weird pattern?
 No, I don't have an answer so I noodled with beads which was quite a bit of fun as I came up with a sweet little motif that you can keep adding to if you like.
Dramatic pendant, but the motifs would work well together in a necklace or bracelet too.

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