Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rrruffles, No Ridges

Long, roughish week. No beading (until this morning, that is), not much knitting.
 Today is spinners, for which I made my own (OMG utterly delicious) ricotta in order to make a marbled cheesecake with caramel-orange sauce. New cheesecake recipe, very different from my usual New York-style, so I hope it's decent.
The ricotta though is my new bestie; it's crazy good and insanely easy to make: mix whole milk and low-fat buttermilk in a 4:1 ratio, heat until it starts to separate and then pour through four layers of cheesecloth. Let drain for twenty minutes, then add salt to taste to the cheese, mix, refrigerate and consume.

The only thing in which I've used ricotta in the last <mumble> years is gnudi which I made a month ago, so I'm thinking research is in order.

Not incredibly fabulous this past week? Tennis elbow. Perhaps from knitting, but I deeply suspect (and fervently hope) from an intense relapse of Bejeweled, which I'd give up in a heartbeat if it meant I could knit.

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