Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uncertain Measurements

I assume I'm not unusual in that weekends are divided into those things that I like to do and those things that I have to do that are too difficult for during the week, when I'm at work most of my waking hours and thus otherwise occupied. It's probably different for people whose time belongs to someone else forty hours a week.

To a certain extent, my measure of the success of a weekend correlates to how much I actually managed to get done, both in the Have To and the Want To categories, and how good I feel about that success depends on how anxious I was about the Have To and how much I enjoyed the Want To.

Weekends in which I make things, and especially when I completethem, tend to be more satisfying, more successful in my mind than when I don't.

Broadly speaking, that is.

I got lots of Have Tos done. Visitation for a co-worker's mother. Shopping for my son for college. Sewing his duvet cover. Laundry, bills, that sort of nonsense. Feeding the cat. Not as much sleep as I needed though.

I'm trying to figure out if the rest was in the Want To or the Have To category, because it was beading (which I like) and knitting (which I like though I didn't finish anything), but on the other hand, it was class samples and not even new ones, just finishing those I'd started or making one which really ought to be available since it's in my Etsy shop.
I made another one of these, because the prototype needed tweaking, and even though the picture on their web-site is of that one I needed a good one for the bead store.

I also finished this necklace, which was ever so slightly on the interminable side. Just a touch.
It didn't need alteration or tweaking or second-guessing, but it did need quite a bit of time. One Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and quite a few Fresh Airs. Listening online is the best invention ever. Well, it's up there anyway.

So I got Stuff done, and I didn't hate it, but it didn't bliss me out either, and now it feels like past my bedtime and tomorrow is Monday, but I'm not entirely satisfied that it was a weekend well spent.

In truth, all my beading joy could well be tainted by The Cat That Pees On Carpet Even After Steaming It (which makes the likelihood of new flooring all the more likely at a time when I'm not thrilled about pouring money into anything as I'm already opouring money into two college educations as of the week after next when school starts), but I really have no way of knowing for certain, do I?

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