Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not Quite Getting It Right

I've been doing beading instructions for years now, and I thought I'd actually learned that photographing a bunch of pale, ultra-reflective beads against a white surface really doesn't yield pictures ideally suited to instructive exposistion.
Apparently not.

I guess I now know what I'm doing tomorrow after spinning.

Some years ago a seed bead order arrived with a baggie labelled "Earthquake Mix" stuffed with a mixture of beads - my guess is that the California-based store had suffered a Spill 'n' Mix Event during an earthquake, and that it wasn't worthwhile to even begin to separate them out, and so she packaged and sent them out as freebies with orders. I really wasn't sure what good they were, but I figured it was useful to have a place to put beads that I didn't want, but didn't want to toss either.

At the end of a beading project, the beads that I've taken out of their tubes but not used in the project are carefully poured back into their tubes, but every now and again I experience a minor Spill 'n' Mix or I cut up a small test sample and couldn't be bothered to sort the beads, or I find odd beads after I've put their tubes away, and so I add to my Earthquake Mix.

It's long outgrown its 3x3 baggie, and is in danger of outgrowing its box.
Time to do something with it.
There's something interesting about picking out the size elevens without regard for colour or finish, and just adding them to the peyote rope. I don't have a single plan (the box has a LOT of size elevens so possibilities abound) but right now, three inches of rope could go pretty much anywhere.

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