Monday, April 6, 2009


Taxes intervene, but they are done. 

This was all I managed, beading-wise, with that millstone my weekend necklace.
The druzy is pinker and yellower than the picture indicates, and the strap, while hardly an exemplar of innovative beadwork, is also more iridescent in real life.

I started with a very thin tubular peyote rope, fully intending to work some sort of magic with miles and miles of it, something inspired by filigree work, or paper quilling, but (a) it somehow doesn't look as good with a peyote rope as with fine twisted wire or cleanly-cut paper strips, and ultimately I bored myself, so I simply added a clasp. 

While in Santa Fe, I found out that Shannon Hill, the guy who made the bead below (that I bought in Miami about a year ago) is very ill; so his bead has been pressing on my consciousness somewhat.

This fat little rope represents the last two Fresh Airs via the magic of the internet. 

Love listening to NPR while I do mindless beading (other favourite shows: Wait, Wait and This American Life. I think I've been downloading podcasts of Radio Lab, but I haven't quite dug into them yet).. I know people bead in front of the TV, but that just doesn't work for me, in part because then where would I knit, but more importantly, because I look at my beading (I only glance at my knitting occasionally) and so what would be the point of what it largely a visual medium if I'm unable to, y'know, engage visually?

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Laurie said...

The colors are beautiful with the twisted bead.