Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Lose Sleep Willingly

I pay and pay, but I'd rather fight tiredness to complete something like this than sleep.
I love Shannon Hill's bead. It's a hollow gold-fumed pink-hued twist of deliciousness.
You need gold to make glass this shade of pink (rosier than my pictures).

I would wax lyrical for longer, but I'm so sleep-deprived that my neck is stiff.

I don't often make cabled yarns since it requires extra spinning - though not all that much extra since my default yarn is three-ply. 

This I chose to cable as I didn't have all that much, and even though it has a fair amount of merino, I wasn't sure there was enough to hide the loops of chain or Navajo plying (and yes, I know, some people say that the Navajo do not ply this way; at this point it's still easier to refer to chain-plying this way) so I went with a cabled yarn.

The non-merino part? Soy silk. Interesting. 

It doesn't have the sheen that bombyx or even tussah lends to a merino-blend yarn, but it does counteract the bounce and smooshiness factor somewhat. Still stretchy, but not as spongey as even a yarn with silk would be.

Interesting, as I said.


Laurie said...

I can't quite make out the chains in the cable. But the cables around the bead...that is a pretty stunning piece.

Charlene said...

Well there *are* no chains in the cable, so it's no surprise that you can't "quite" make them out!

It's just your basic 4-ply cable: spin softly, ply too hard from both ends of the singles, ply from both ends of the two-ply in the opposite direction to balance.

Ruth Ann said...

Absolutely magnificent - both the necklace and the yarn!

kim said...

Georgeous! Well worth loss of a couple of zzzz's.