Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moving Right Along

I have completely used the yarn from a round of waistband hexagons (fourteen stitches per side) and have knitted eight one-round-above-hemline hexagons (seventeen stitches per side) and naturally I believe I will run out of purple yarn. Naturally it is the nicest colour in the mix, and naturally I had only two balls of purple, where I had three (and sometimes four) of the colours I like less well.

I think there's a law about this stuff.

And I was all ready to start the next project - see, I even swatched!
Actually, I'm not entirely ready, since I haven't decided whether I'll do it top-down or bottom-up (probably bottom-up) or picked out the cables I'll use (I need to find some cool Viking or Celtic cables, as well as my favourite hartshorn), or the bottom edging or the buttonhole band (it has to be some sort of cable thingie where the buttonholes are part of the cables) - in reality, I'm ill-prepared to start knitting right-away on the next project, but emotionally I'm there.

It's always something, and the current something is class proposals and samples for the next go-round of classes at the local bead store (for February through May, due the beginning of next year).

There's a bangle which is sturdy and works up faster than you'd expect.

And the beginnings of a necklace which will take forever to complete, but will be pretty, and that's what counts, right? 

(No, I didn't turn the colour off. These really are both shades of grey. I like grey).

To tell the truth, the beading projects I most enjoy are complex and take ages to do, but there's only so much you can teach in a shortish class, and it's not as though I'm a Big Name in beading, and can offer three-day classes for a single project that will fill within hours of opening. 

I wonder what that's like?


Laurie said...

I say start the sweater and make the decisions with a bit of pressure on.

Yes, there are laws. Always.

Charlene said...

But here's what I know: the call of my Bermuda Rectangle is strong, and if I waver in the skirt or am distracted by new fuzzy things (a.k.a. startitis) then I may doom my hexagons forever, or for as long as it takes for this the wearing of such a skirt to be unthinkable.

I'm a pragmatist about this; I have to be.