Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keith Alvan Bloch 1932-2008


Anonymous said...

((((hugs)))))) thinkin of ya

Charlene said...

I emailed my cousin David, and this was his response (he said it better than I could have):

Many, like me,
were spared seeing Keith in decline, and my sole recollection of him
is of a man with the most generous of spirits, a keen intelligence,
engaged with others, and a sparkling wit. He was energetic and
committed from the start (or at least ever since I can recall him over
fifty years ago), and always good company. Like all good men, he's
irreplaceable. I always loved spending time with him, and regret not
having seen him more over the years. So I send you all my love
and solidarity on this occasion, especially after these last few
years, in which you -- and above all your mother -- had to see the
decline of a fine spirit. It must have been very hard
indeed. We will all, of course, miss Keith, but it is your mother
and you children who of course have to come to terms with the pain of
having him finally taken away.

Anonymous said...

What a gentle picture. Hope that this trip brings an opportunity for lots of remembering your dad "before"...

kim said...

You're in our thoughts.

Lynn said...

I'm sorry. And hugs, dear.

fibergal said...

We both send you big hugs and wish you gentle knitting to help you through this. It will never go away, it just gets easier to live with. Celebrate his life. You are so joyful, some of that had to come from him.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Juno said...

I'm so sorry Charlene. I loved what your cousin said - he sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry. The loss of the physical body, even after the years of the loss of the intellect, still hits hard. Sending hugs your way.