Saturday, May 24, 2008

Us And Them

Really, I'm not one of those bloggers, the kind that fill their posts with endless pictures of indistinguishable flowers or unremarkable pets or unidentifiable birds or dull scenery, but because I'm rather challenged in the gardening department in terms of making things happen, I delight all the more at Stuff That Grows Pretty, and so I give you this:

Understand that my position as property owner has absolutely nothing to do with its loveliness whatsoever, I simply think it's pretty.

Lest you imagine I'm entirely useless, I did finish a necklace yesterday, which I'm wearing, um, testing today (I won't keep it unless I have to; anyway, I have More Beads. I suppose that's a bit redundant, as I always have More Beads, except when I run out, and then I run out and get More Beads. It doesn't happen often).
Today I had some success with the implementation of an idea I've been noodling with for ages, but the scale of the thing might not be as amenable to actual use as I'd hoped - at least not without some serious rethinking. Again.

At first I thought a few of them together (as above) would make a pretty bracelet, and I suppose they would, if your wrists were as thick as my upper arm, which isn't huge, given that I'm more or less as they say on dating sites "height-weight-proportionate", but I do work out, and I do have some nice muscle definition, though given the fact that I'm a girl I'm not hormonally equipped to develop major musculature, so it isn't that impressive compared to, say, the Governator or Brad Pitt or that really weird actor in Road Trip.

Still, it's too big for a bracelet for all except those at the larger end of the bell curve. Yes I know that bell curves are large in the middle, I did Statistics way back when last century; this is just short-hand for "all except those whose larger wrist size puts them at one end of the bell curve" and so I suppose I might as well have not bothered.

Its other deficit is that it's not ideal as a repeating motif in a necklace, since it doesn't do well around curves. It doesn't want to curve laterally; if you force it then it simply twists around inappropriately, which means that the centre front of a necklace will require some sort of special treatment, which I suppose isn't all that unreasonable, though it puts paid to my original idea (well, one of them) of a claspless necklace long enough to slip over the head, so that any section (and each is a different colour combination could be positioned in the front.

Guess I need to rethink it One More Time.

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