Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jaded? Not So Much

I just couldn't resist these ginormous "new Jade" beads, which really don't need much besides these little beaded crackers, which I taught on Tuesday evening. They can't be a whole lot less than an inch in diameter, perhaps as little as three-quarters, and they're HEAVY.

Two women had signed up for the crackers class about a month ago after both taking another of my classes. Both are pretty good beaders, both are perfectly capable of following patterns, but both really seem to like the social aspect of taking classes, and both have taken quite a number of mine over the years. It's always a very pleasant couple of hours with them.

At the last minute, an almost-brand-new beader had signed up for the class, which concerned me a little, but luckily it wasn't too intensive for her - she did pretty well actually, and was keen to sign up for more.

And lookit what my son made me, yes, MADE me, for my birthday (tomorrow) and Mothers' Day:

Isn't it gorgeous? Cherry and maple, a lovely smooth, satin finish, perfect corners and joins and everything. I must confess that when he said he'd make me a table, I thought I'd use it in the TV room in the basement, but it's so pretty I want it upstairs in the living room so I can show it off!

When I turned <mumbledy> I decided that I'd never again work on my birthday, and so I don't. Occasionally I'll actually do something, something girly like a facial or a massage, or perhaps going to see an art exhibit, but usually I just relish the opportunity to putter and chill and have time to myself.

I have nothing planned for tomorrow, as I was hoping to recapture the delight of my three months of sloth and indolence, but my newly-graduated high-schooler has other plans: she's determined to take me out for brunch. I think she even wants to pay - yes, she's truly growing up!

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Melody Marie Murray said...

Happy birthday! That table is wonderful, how proud you must be. And the little crackers are so cute between the big green beads!