Monday, October 8, 2007

Oops I did it again

Apparently posting to a blog seems to be a better idea when I'm overtired than when I'm not.

SOAR is this wonderful, magical confluence of energy and creativity and exuberance, and it seems that some people Just Don't Get It - during today's workshop a couple of n00bies (to SOAR) gloated about their beer and the movies they were going to watch in their condo this evening, and I wondered why they were here at all.  Sure, there are classes.  Yes, there are presentations (and who in their right mind would miss a Judith McK presentation?) And too, on Thursday there's the market, a generally hysterical time, in a good way.

But that's such a superficial, small part of it, and to closet oneself away, doing what could be done at home, seems an awful waste, in my opinion.  SOAR is, if nothing else, about people (puh-leeze, I am SO not a people person), about connections and inspiration and tribe.  It's warmth and welcoming and hilarity and Cheap Swill and the Royal Wave and Condom Races and if you're here and none of this means anything to you, you ought to do yourself a favour and make sure you figure at least some of this stuff out.


Anonymous said...

okay, it is now clear to me that I must haul the wheel out of the garage, tune it up, and begin to spin. Really. Cause no way do I get to go to SOAR if I only knit.

Marcy said...

Yah! What you said!

fibergal said...

Sure do miss the Condom Races. So glad to see you up and blogging. And one of the most important faces to me at SOAR has always been yours. I wish I had more time with you this year. See you in PA.