Saturday, October 27, 2007

One More Thing

I know SOAR is over and gone until next year, but I still have after-glow.

Publicly, I have to thank Denny.  She gave me a gift, for so many good and true reasons, and that act did more than she could know.  It lifted me out of a place I never want to go again, which appeared to have no exit.


Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Denny's been thinking about you all day today. And I know she hasn't read this yet.(but I'll make sure she comes by)

Clearly, the bonds of friendship formed at SOAR are far, far greater than the physical distance between you. And you're not the only one with after-glow.

Anonymous said...

Your very welcome. I think of you alot when I'm at work.......ohhhh the Queen of sludge would love this colour. Rachel H. phoned me at work today (very busy day) to tell me about this post, but I had already read it and tryed to comment. BUt then I noticed the time and had to run to teach a class.(how to knit a hat) I love to teach. talk soon love dennyx0x0x0x

Juno said...

I've thought of your again and again since I got home - it truly was a pleasure to meet you, a pleasure and something more too.

I had a dream about a pair of black suede boots with beaded buttons up the side, buttons that looked like the ones you donated to the auction. Now I have to learn shoemaking,

Anonymous said...

I got the beads , I got the beads,
(the one"s in the auction) nan nan nan nan poo poo.
Great story with that one as well.
No time need to go and sell some yarn.(work)