Sunday, August 4, 2019

Not Frustrating

So this effort was much more successful.
It's not the final version but the tweaks I'm planning on are more cosmetic than structural and even though  it didn't work out exactly as planned (and quite frankly planning is all very well but you can't imagine yourself married to any plan because that's just certain disappointment. Pretty certain: occasionally I do in fact plan perfectly) I'm overall happy with the way this turned out.

For reference, from the top of the bail to the tip of the central dagger bead is about four inches or ten centimetres. In the region of.

There were previous versions in which the lacing up on the reverse side distorted the front a bit so that the bezel didn't lie in the same plane and to tell the truth I'm not a hundred percent confident that what I did will work for all bead colours and finishes because sadly, bead size varies somewhat by colour and finish. But this bezel is mostly structurally sound.

The very first version which had grotesque herringbone wing-like things was almost completely awful but it at least produced something from which I could build. No, there's no picture, yes, I cut it up.

And in other news the bother I was having with the ceiling fan installation last weekend is over. No, I didn't give up and call an electrician: I did it myself and I have to tell you I'm quite pleased.

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