Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Was Away

In San Francisco we stayed at this cute little place through Airbnb that had a lovely little courtyard.
 One day we walked to Land's End. All told that day we walked about ten miles.
 We went to Muir Woods but it wad cold and drizzly.
 When we went for nitrogen ice cream we saw this wooden edifice. My brother said it was like the things they burn at Burning Man.
 I came home, turned around, and spent a few days at a lake where people did fibery things.
 Like natural dyeing.
 And weaving, using wine bottle openers as weights.
 One evening we sat outside to watch the sunset and disturbed a bat as we opened the umbrella. He was pretty disgruntled, flew around and came back just as annoyed.
 The sunset was pretty stunning though.
 I wove shoelaces!
 I took some very poor photos of kumihimo necklaces.
 They should have been more attractive (the photos; the necklaces are fine) but the photography skills in the family lie with my offspring.
It was pretty fabulous and I came home with The Crud (cold, flu).

I need an early night.

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