Monday, September 7, 2015

A Week

I really should post more often because otherwise it's past my bedtime and there are a gajillion pictures and I'm a bit tired for words, but there it is and I'm just going for it anyway.

I'll just say it's been a rough week between deadlines and medical scares and leave it at that.

 I made another sample for last week's class and then adjusted the other sample I'd made. In short: size matters, as the size fifteens on the first sample were much bigger than in the one above and it makes a difference - in this case, not good!
 I made various other samples of things.
 I'd only ever used this motif for earrings, but I think it works really well as a bracelet (and would have made a lovely necklace too only I was a bit pressed for time. My own fault).
 Loopy tassel!

And then we had a long weekend and I was determined.
 I made progress with the stools and then found that I was yet again missing a few pieces.
 I made a sample for tomorrow's class.
 I sanded what seems like acres of wood and drilled some rather large holes rather well (if I do say so myself) until the very last one where something happened and I ended up with an ugly great hole. It'll go at the back. No one will see.
 I spent what seems to be an inordinate amount of time washing pipes, but then I got to partially assemble and paint some, so that was fun.
 Sanding again, and staining. I liked the staining part better, though now I need to sand again. It's so humid it feels like nothing really quite dries. Everything is still tacky.
 I made (or tried to make) whipped body butter which wouldn't whip and last time I checked wouldn't solidify either and I have no more stuff with which to start again and more importantly, I'm out of time.
But look!

All those pipes!

All that sanding! (But not yet staining and/or finishing. I haven't quite settled on what I want to do). Perhaps I'll just oil it.

I have a sweater bench for the foot of my bed. My design was slightly deficient so I need more parts but it's pretty much what I wanted (bar the wire baskets that are supposed to be in each section and which I do not yet have.

I'm not quite a woodworker and I fear my disposition will prevent anything meaningful in that department, but I'm not utterly and entirely useless. Needless to say I'm not unimpressed with myself .

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