Monday, August 10, 2015

Yes, Nancy, I Have Been Beading

I made a sample after last Tuesday's class and I love love love the colour combination almost as much as I hate the colours on the sample I actually took to class.
Never mind. I can bring the pretty one to Part 2 (it's more than can be stitched in one session).

I finished a lariat. I've made very few of them in my life but this one is a god one because the chain stitches up relatively quickly and it's not overly stiff and bulky so it's more easily wearable I think.

I might need one in colours that I'd like to wear (these aren't those colours).
I made a pair of earrings which look much better, colour-wise, than in the picture but still the combo isn't my most successful.
And I made a necklace like the orangey-coppery one from the other day which totally hits the Sludge Pleasure Centre of my brain (I think I have one. Seriously).
The seed beads are one of these newish hybrid colours in a finish they call "suede" which is not even slightly fuzzy (obviously. That would be awful) but it's also neither shiny nor matte, but somewhere in between, sort of glowy and there's something about the finish that makes the beads pleasingly plump and delicious. I wish I'd had a better colour for the crystal drop that soft yellowy colour doesn't really say much except "don't look at me! I'm not at all important" which is a shame because it totally could be. But it isn't.

Then I rounded off the set of beaded beads.  All the same thread path and pattern, but no two use both the same bead shapes and the same colours. It's a set that matches but it's not too match-matchy.

So I have been beading (it's not as though I've been able to knit or anything); I just didn't get around to posting anything over the weekend.

My head has been working around my upcoming home improvement project which I've been looking forward to for at least six months so I'm busy getting distracted.

I'm a little excited actually. I ordered the first of the supplies today.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Unknown said...

I will sleep better tonight. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I will sleep better tonight. Thanks.