Saturday, August 1, 2015

They Don't Seem New

Only because I've been making samples and reworking, but the truth is that I haven't yet taught either of these, or published the patterns or kits or anything so I guess technically they're new.
 I had been thinking that I'd make an entire coordinated necklace of these but now I'm wavering a little - I can't decide if they'd be more appealing as an unconstrained collection like to roll around and get lost or tidily organised on a necklace chain. Yeah I guess I'm leaning back again.
I've reworked the pendant itself at least four or five times until finally I found the right combination of bead sizes (Czech size eights make the magic work) but until today I hadn't been more than marginally satisfied with the whole bail area where it splits into the two halves of the necklace. Turned out the stitch variation I was using just didn't look good and when I switched to a different stitch with different beads it all fell into place.

The whole necklace took forever to stitch as it's longer than I usually make (the pendant sits in the cleavage area) because a bulky non-flat pendant just doesn't sit nicely on the bony part of the chest ad looks much better when it's hanging more vertically.

It just does, you'll have to trust me on that one.

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