Sunday, August 24, 2014

Iterations 2 and 3

Yesterday's beaded beads were all very well and good: they held together, had good structure, a little bit of texture, but lacked a little zing, even with the triangle beads. They're just seed beads, smooth seed beads.

Perhaps a faceted bead? Not bad. The fire-polished beads increase their overall girth slightly (not a problem) and the facets add a bit of sparkle. 
Still not quite enough.

Until I remembered the baby daggers that I've had such a hard time with: everything I've tried to make with them has been cut up before it's finished.
Except these.

To be sure, the daggers wiggle sightly, even with monstrous thread tension, but even so, they give these little beaded beads a bit of spunk.

There may be a fourth iteration, but I'm not sold on the necessity.


Unknown said...

Beautiful designs!

Unknown said...

Love those!

minxdkrolo said...

Thanks for the inspiration!!