Sunday, September 8, 2013

Speed of Life

My ideal weekend is one in which my plans are minimal (to be honest: non-existant) so that I can putter   (bead, knit, spin, make stuff, read, whatever) to my heart's content with no appointments to constrain anything. (Except for massages. I'll interrupt for a scheduled massage). 

I'm lucky in that I manage to approximate this fairly regularly.

When you're getting through the hour or day or week, waiting for that right time, that good time, life just speeds by, but when you're immersed in time that's yours, you can savour and enjoy those molasses moments.

I'm still waiting for my hands and wrists to stop hurting (perhaps I won't after all tile my bathroom myself), but that's not primarily what's interfered with my ability to take pictures of New Things I Just Made. Not having been able to complete any New Things I Just Made is the main driver.

On Thursday my baby turned twenty-one, so on Friday after work I drove to Columbia, took him out for a rather nice dinner and drove back. By the time I got home I wasn't quite sure which way was up.

It was a long, long, long day. The cats gave me an earful.

Saturday the Summer Rolls I made for spinners took longer than I'd anticipated, but at least spinning hurt less than anticipated. (Not much at all, actually). Saturday night there was incremental progress on this and that.

Today there was brunch with a friend in from Portland (preceded by mad prep instigated by "Cindy would love it if you brought some jewellery"), checking out the new wing of the Art Museum, visiting a friend who's not well and then finally I finished something.
 They say third time's a charm and if this were exactly the third time I'd made this I'd agree, but what with all the semi-cutting-up, I'm not sure what the number is.

Either way, I did manage to figure out a better way to get this together, which for the purposes of teaching is a Good Thing.

Since there's always a sock project (in the car. You never know when you'll need knitting, right?) which doesn't count and since I finished my silk tee-shirt I need something else to knit (that stash just won't knit itself up) and even though I don't have a project that excites and thrills and engages me, I still need something to knit until such time as brilliance strikes.
This little cotton no-brainer should tidy up a bunch of those pesky odd purples one has lying around.

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