Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eight Shades

Quite some time ago, I planned to make a necklace for the sample case at the bead store so that I wouldn't have to do without my necklace which I like to wear for the duration of the teaching term.

I made half the links, and my necklace is still in the case. I taught the second part of the class two Tuesdays ago, and I teach an offshoot of the design (the little square button which is a nice little component suitable for bracelet links, earrings, or in fact necklace links).

I finally finished the, um, sample necklace today.
 I haven't decided if I'll keep it or sell it, but it's the result of so many hours that I'll never get paid for my time and it's purple, lots of purples, at least eight (exactly eight, actually), so maybe I'll just keep it. Unless someone begs and offers me scads of cash. Perhaps not even then.

In my eagerness, I made an extra link.
So I added some doodads and now it's a pendant.

So far, the long weekend has been quite successful. I've managed to get in a decent amount of relaxing and self-indulgence, and the only downside is the thought that tomorrow is the last day. Seriously, I think I ought to be awarded another day for my pain and suffering (hello! Exploding pipes!) and my feeding of the masses (some of them. A few. Nine besides myself. Seven besides my immediate family. It's not none) but I don't suppose that's happening.

I wasn't holding my breath anyway.

I've enjoyed this lovely break, and anyway, there are two more days off in about a month, and I should be able to survive until then.

And bead more stuff too.

It's all good.

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