Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Was Wrong

At nine-thirty ine the morning, after having spent the night on not the most comfortable train in the world, searching for a coffee shop at which to have breakfast before you have your bearings, Prague seems like a cold, grubby place, not at all like the magical fairyland of its reputation.

After an afternoon at a site whose commercial crassness rivals that of the Magic Kingdom but disillusions more on account of its grandeur and history, Prague may seem like a bit of a disappointment.
Research the restaurant at which to have dinner, turn off the lights and walk home along the river marveling at the fabulous food, charming atmosphere and friendly service, and you kinda get it.
Cross the bridge with the crowd leaving the National Theatre, and imagine that it might be a privilege to live here.
Really, not a bad place to visit at all.


Alexandra said...

Hi Charlene,

Prague is amazing city but I have to agree, after night in train from Poland it couldn't be obvious.
I have been living here for more than 12 years and I'm still impressed by various views to and from Prague castle, from Petrin all over the city... Are you still in Prague?

Regards, Alex

Charlene said...

Yes, I'm in Prague until Saturday night, though right now I'm in Kutna Hora, about to have lunch