Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Do So Have Cats

I've been accused of deception.
Apparently I talk about my cats but no one ever sees them.
There's suspicion.
Implications that I'm inventing.

I hope this proves my veracity.

Also about knitting (I talk about it but pictures are few and far between, although I do wear my knitted sweaters, most of which I finish, all of which I intend to finish someday eventually most likely except some which have become problematic for one reason or another but that's another story).
My green cardigan turned out so well (although it has some minor issues) and was such an excellent way of using up scraps that I decided to do it again, only slightly differently: this time I'll be making set-in sleeves, knitted-in, as well as a (perhaps) ruffled shawl collar.

The configuration of the zig-zags is also slightly different: on the green cardigan a pocket could very naturally have been inserted but in this instance, not so much because it zigs when it should zag so the pocket opening would be perpendicular to the row, rather than along the row.

For both the sleeves and the body, I used a single colour for all the set-up, as I though the contrast between that beginning block of colour and the rest of the impressionistic blurring might work well. I think I like it.

I've really been enjoying playing with colour here. I change colours on the wrong-side rows, so that the visible garter stitch bumps are an amalgam of two yarns, while the ridges on the inside are just stripes, which I really don't like as much. If I had some sort of repeating stripe pattern, I think the solid ridges would work, but for colour-blending, I much prefer the mixing.

The picture seems to make differences starker, but in real life there's a dreamy movement from one colour to the next which I'm really liking. I had very small amounts of most of the yarns I've used, but by picking the pairs (I'm always working with two yarns at a time, alternating pairs of rows) carefully, I can get the effect of other pairs so that all parts of the knitting look like the same item, rather than random bits of yarn thrown together, like some of the colour-blocking I've seen.

In case you're interested or curious or confused, the picture shows the body of the cardigan up to the armholes, and two partial sleeves on the right.


amyfibre said...

So, the secret is to get out a tripod? Yes, you have cats...and they're weird. Nah, just kidding. Beautimus kitties!

Gail M said...

I love your colorwork in the sweater, the zigs and zags too. Mufch more interesting.

Helen said...

Those little rivolis worked out well. I really like the earrings.
And as for the knitting, your colour gradation is absolutely wonderful.