Saturday, November 12, 2011

Semblance of Busy

It doesn't feel as though I've been very busy because I have nothing much to show for it, but it feels as though I've been so busy that I've had no time to make anything.

It's a little confusing, actually.

I did make a pendant.
Not a fabulous picture because you can't see that there's a triangular crystal donut captured in a frame of seed beads, but now you know. I spent ages trying to come up with something more interesting (sad to say, I played a part in the destruction of trees because of all the bad ideas I sketched, and all the sketches I tossed), but ultimately nothing really shook me by the lapels, so to speak.
I made a class sample as I was proofing my instructions. I forgot how much I like this pendant, how much I enjoy actually making it. Some things are fun to conceptualize, but then the execution turns out to be a little too much "Just shoot me now"; some things just sort of happen, and you're satisfied but not necessarily excited with the results, and some things go together so pleasingly, taking just the right amount of effort and ease in just the right proportions and just a perfect amount of time, and for me, this is one of them.

Perhaps I'll make a few more.
And Janel's Sekla, kinda like the one I made for myself, but slightly different, subtly bluer (I didn't make the whole thing since my last post; I had started it some time ago and ran out of one of the beads which arrived here yesterday).

I guess it looks as though I was busy, doesn't it?

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