Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not Quite There Yet

I'm not as obsessed with beaded flowers as I once was, but it's not as though I'm completely over them or anything; it's just that I've realised that while I want to make them, I might not want to own them or wear them, but that's not enough to stop me with the needle and thread.
This red one was the first in a series, and oddly enough, it might be the best of the bunch in terms of shape and structure.
Sure, the blue one has teeny-tiny daggers and fire-polished beads.
And the green one has polka dots on the front daggers, but the rivoli isn't seated straight exactly and the tiniest seed beads may do what they're supposed to (firm things up and hold the daggers in place), but they're definitely not doing it with anything remotely resembling grace or style.

Fortunately it's a long weekend and I have time.

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