Monday, March 28, 2011

More Samples

These beaded beads are named after my silly little cat, Isis.

Naming projects has never been my strong suit, as I tend to be too literal.

There was a Netted Bracelet With Pearls, and a Netted Vee-Shaped Necklace With Pearls and at this point the names were getting too long, so as a drowning man I grasp at straws of inspiration, and Isis was very new to me when I first made these beaded beads and there was no good reason why I shouldn't name them for her, so I did.
I'm putting together a slew of kits for patterns mostly from classes I've taught, some of which I've sold in my shop, and this is the second colour-way for the Isis Beaded Beads. After my order arrives, I'll have a full complement of beads for a brown-green-bronze version.

Until then, I have a Bubboo sample.
This is a very silly name.

The fat bits look like bubbles, and I couldn't help thinking of my daughter at about a year old or so, being fascinated with someone blowing bubbles, I guess with bubble gum.

"Bubboo?" she'd ask.

And then there'd be a bubble, she'd squeal, the bubble would burst and she'd plaintively ask

"More bubboo?"

Clearly bubboos are very desirable.

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