Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Thing Is

Deadlines really aren't all bad.

I had a plan, a list of projects as teaching proposals. A decent sized list mostly containing projects already completed, so all I had was a couple of pieces to make. Well, three.

Two are done enough to be photographed, and I had my time mapped out so that I could also complete the third.


And then Anne delivered the news, welcome at the time, that the deadline had been extended, so I could just play until the next deadline approached.
I kinda like the chain I used here. Used it last week too, on the black and white thing

It's a neat concept; I should teach a class - guess I need a sample...

And oh look, I was surfing and saw something cool, had an idea and worked up a sample.
And that led to another idea which needed more attention RIGHT AWAY.
And now my list is longer.

If the deadline hadn't been extended, I'd be done, but now all I am is behinder.


Amy said...

oooh! really like the top piece! see you tomorrow night.

Unknown said...

I really love the color in the pendant turquoise brown-centered thingy. --(Julia)