Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Knew?

My weekday morning ritual involves the usual shower-clothes-pack-lunch thing, but since the company for which I work likes to incentivize (I made that word up I think, but with my luck it's actually a real word in this age of verbifying nouns) green behaviour (some at least), one being car-pooling.

My car-pool buddy lives about ten minutes west of me, and we work about thirty minutes (what with highway construction; it used to be twenty only) east of me, so he drives here and one of us drives from here to work. This means that I need to be ready and waiting so that I'm out the door as he gets here, and what better way to while away a few minutes than by spinning? My wheel is always there in process, and I can see out the window as I spin, so it works well.

My usual footwear is Doc Martens or Chucks or other flat-soled footwear since I already did the insanely high platform shoes back in the seventies in high school when I was fully prepared to suffer pain for perceived beauty; now I'm less keen, though I have noticed how hard it is to find flat shoes that are neither men's nor old ladies'. High heels are the Shoes du Jour.

So a couple of weeks ago I bought some linen pants which I wore with my usual flats, which turned out to be not such a wonderful match, as I walked all over the hems. While I'm perfectly capable of hemming a pair of pants (I was shocked the first time I realised that this was a skill that some people failed to acquire, as opposed to something everyone just knows how to do, like walking or breathing or finding chocolate), it struck me that in this instance the thing to do was to buy suitable footwear, i.e. heels.

Which I did, and that's a story unto itself.

Though I wasn't wearing The Pants today, I was wearing my new shoes, and as usual, on a weekday morning, waiting for my car-pool buddy, I sat down at the wheel and wondered if this footwear would hamper my spinning.

Not at all.

Who knew that you could spin in heels?

Lest you wonder about the richness of my life (or lack of it as evidenced by the above), let me assure you that my days have not been filled with only the superficiality of clothes.

I finished a pair of socks, for one (though I haven't woven in the ends).
And the close-up - isn't t pretty?

And a sweater, but no photo.

And a necklace.
And another one which started off as a class sample but ended up actually complete.
I like it on the shorter side, but knowing that (a) my intent is not to keep it for myself and (b) some people may have bigger neck or prefer longer necklaces, I made an extender, which I thought was quite ingenious.

I think the class was a bit challenging, but I had good samples!

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