Monday, May 25, 2009

The Up Side

When you have about 15% fewer stitches, knitting goes pretty quickly (this is about 6" or halfway to the armhole).
Of course, if I'd have had the right number of stitches to start with, I'd be finished, and might even have started the next project, for which I had already wound the ball when I discovered that my error stood between me and startitis. (I am occasionally disciplined about this sort of thing, sort of).

Almost all I did today was make this dress, which looks much better on than off, although in all honesty I somehow managed to sew puckers into the pockets, which is Not Like Me at all. On a body (mine), it's less sack-like than its hangered appearance would indicate. Also greener, which is just as well, since I look dismal in beige.
About ten to fifteen years ago I sewed about ninety percent of my clothes (I didn't wear jeans that much) until I realised that (a) I didn't love it all that much because (b) much of the time my sewing desire was motivated by thrift and ability rather than love of the process and most importantly (c) it was cutting into my knitting time. Beading wasn't quite the focus that it is now. I don't mind time-sharing between knitting and beading. (And spinning, and occasionally sewing).

I enjoy sewing much more when it's a couple of garments every now and again.

I hate sewing Roman shades, but I keep doing it anyway (that's thrift speaking).

Since my fabric stash has plenty more suitable fabrics, and since it wasn't too onerous, I think I might make it again with tweaks (I need to make it a size smaller).

Before I settled down to sewing, I made this pendant using a bead by the very talented Beau Barrett. 

I love the way these seed beads mimic the finish on the lampwork: he fumed the bead (I think with silver, though it may be gold; I'm not sure and I bought it long enough ago that I don't remember) and then added the green bumps, to which the fuming has added a sort of inner glow that I find quite compelling. The seed beads are the new permanent-finish opal silver-lined or gilt-lined or whatever they call them, but in any event they have the same soft inner glow.

I haven't decided on a rope or chain for this yet. The colours are very subtle, but a whole necklace with just these two might be a bit dull, and yet I'm not sure what to add to the mix that will work well, and yet not draw focus from the pendant.

Luckily I don't have to decide right now.

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