Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Down Side

The worst thing that can happen when you hit the sweet spot on a knitting project is discovering that the garment you were making was not for you, but for a much, much larger person because it wraps around your body more than once, and it's not a shawl or a scarf or a blanket.
The sleeves were for this body though.

At least there's a fiber up side:
Julia sent me a skein of Henry's Attic [undyed] silk for my birthday, but luckily I know my way around a dyepot. 

Actually, I was using a roaster oven, which is much like a crockpot except that it has a temperature dial.

And oh yes, it's dead, although it wasn't when I started dyeing.

Silk is fabulous stuff where dye is concerned: as long as it's well and truly wet, and is soaking in enough citric acid, it still slurps up dye even with no heat, so I made sure that all of it had colour (this required a few glugs of dye here and there) and then steamed it to set the dye, and now it's trying to dry, though the humidity isn't being terribly helpful.

I finished my necklace.
Everyone at the massage place admired it today, and I have to report back that no, you really don't get bored when your massage is an hour and a half (my birthday treat) instead of the usual hour. 

My son was concerned, you see.

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